Last Revised: February 17, 2023

This section includes additional resources not found in other parts of the website.

Both Penn affiliates and visitors can visit the 'Important IACUC Links' page for links to external sites associated with animal research. 

The rest of the pages listed below are restricted to Penn affiliates.

The 'Town Hall Presentation Archives' page has links to both the OAW-ULAR town hall presentation slides as well as recordings of the talks.

The 'Literature Search' page contains general information on conducting searches for alternatives to using animals or using painful or stressful procedures, and reducing the number of animals needed, incluidng links to external sites on this topic.

'Electronic Notebooks' has basic information about replacing paper notebooks, with a link to Penn's site on this topic.

Finally, 'Institutional Certifications' is where you can find information about Penn's PHS Assurance, USDA Certificate, and AAALAC accreditation.

The 'Staff Section' contains information meant for OAW and ULAR staff or PIs given specific instructions on special forms.  General users should not have to visit this part of the website.

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